A Story of Seeing Death Six Times

A Story of Seeing Death Six Times

While child marriage is a global issue, the question is still how is it happening. How is it that, in the 21st century, girls are still finding themselves being married off at such a young age?

We introduce to you one of the most unfortunate Lebanese women who has lost it all. F.S has shared her grievous story for a purpose to answer that question. She has herself experienced child marriage and saw six of her children dying due to health issues.


F.S was born in Tripoli, Lebanon. She was raised in an uneducated family as her parents are illiterate. She was forced into marriage at age 15 to a stranger she barely knew. He was financially unstable, working one day weekly.


She gave birth to her firstborn a year later, followed by nine beautiful children. But her tragedy starts when life took away six of them. These innocent babies did not fault that they were born into a low-income family that struggled to access treatment, pay medical bills and vaccinations. She blamed the government and hospitals for not making healthcare facilities available and accessible to economically disadvantaged families.

F.S’s mental health started to worsen when she lost her babies, standing helpless while her children were dying between her arms. F.S said after the third passed away: “She became numb to the pain and felt like she wasn’t alive. A body without a soul.”


But there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. One of a community of givers members has come into her life. His name is Anas. He was introduced to her by a librarian shop. Later, when he acknowledged her story, Anas decided to help her. She was provided with a home, monthly payments, and most importantly, a healthy and safe environment and education for her children. In addition, she is getting mental health treatment.


One must believe that hope is seeing light in spite of being surrounded by darkness. Allah hides the good deeds for them. Besides, giving should not be limited to the material side only, but also providing emotional support to the impacted families such as a smile. Peace begins with a smile.


Finally, there’s always a community of Givers who are eager to help.

Watch the video to learn more about this woman’s story and how you can help in raising awareness regarding child marriage and supporting the underprivileged families in such cases.